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Ethan's letter: Fashion Metaverse Sells 10,000 Pairs of Shoes in 9 Minutes

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

It was cold last night, so thank god I finally have my station. I slept like a log - I was that exhausted after the long day of work and woke up this morning feeling a bit stiff, still tired even after 10 hours of sleep. Yes, 10 hours - way too much, but I couldn't seem to wake up. But it’s fine, I had nothing waiting for me, not even breakfast.

When I was living on Earth, I didn't eat breakfast: I was working for a big company and couldn't even find time to eat in the morning! Can you imagine that? Now I have all the time in the world - well besides the time I use just to survive on Mars - but I am not a big breakfast eater here either. I am never hungry in the morning and only eat when I am truly ravenous. The cuisine on Mars is not that mouthwatering. I grow plants and insects, most of them taste bitter. I miss French fries and super sweet and sparkling soda - I know, I know, so unhealthy, but what can I do about my cravings? Maybe I am a bit addicted?

Perhaps soon I will be able to indulge in my secret weakness here on Mars - McDonald’s is coming to metaverses! Of course, they are: you can find McDonald's almost everywhere on Earth, so why not on virtual worlds too? It has been released that they will offer both virtual and actual goods that can be delivered to your door. Would you want this fast-food giant to come to Mars?

After eating too many cheeseburgers you might get a stomach ache, but don't worry: pharmacies are also going metaverse! Pharmacy Chain CVS is the first pharmacy chain that is preparing to sell their goods virtually. Metaverses will be fully equipped with various services and goods - from burgers to health care products.

You will also be able to buy fashion on metaverses too. Space Runners recently raised $10 million to create a fashion metaverse. They already released NBA Champions Sneaker Collection NFTs, and all of the 10,000 available shoe pairs were sold in 9 minutes. That totals to a whopping $8 million revenue! Space Runners are aiming to create such blockchain items that could be implemented across various virtual worlds: wherever you go, you take your shiny sneakers with you! Perhaps soon you will be running around Mars with your NBA shoes too?

What products do you think would be essential on Mars?

Waiting to hear from you,


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