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Ethan's letter: Travel Without Crossing Borders on Metaverse

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

I couldn't fall asleep yesterday after watching the sunset. Did I ever tell you that sunsets on Mars are blue? I am used to it, it’s not surprising anymore - but I couldn’t fall asleep because my plants died. My precious plants I eat to survive… you know how hard it was to grow them? I have never had a green thumb and my plants on Earth would die on me every time but this is way more detrimental. I still have insects to eat but I have to figure out my plant situation. Heck, my insects eat those plants: without them, we all would die. There’s no time to relax here on Mars! But don’t worry too much about me. I will survive, I know that. A little dieting never hurt anyone.

Enough of the bad news - I have some exciting things I want to share about metaverses. Yes, I read them even when things go sour - you have to keep your mind off the bad things somehow.

I have just recently read about a travel agency TravelZoo who are preparing to launch a metaverse for all those travelers out there. Soon we will be able to explore anywhere on Earth from our home. If I could, I would probably book a ticket to somewhere nice with sky blue sea and palm trees… Sometimes you get tired of seeing the red vastness for too long and start missing the Earth.

It's not that strange to miss Earth. After all, some things from Earth can't be found on Mars. The smell after it rains, fresh-cut grass, old books... but all these smells might come to metaverses soon enough: OW Smell Digital has raised $1.3million to develop software and hardware that will bring smells to VR! Activating all senses on VR will create the most accurate experience possible, thus making metaverses more real than ever.

Smells can evoke long lost memories but metaverses are going further into the memory lane. Biography specialists StoryTerrace together with hologram tech experts 8i are developing a platform that will allow people to write their stories in a 360 degrees recording studio. This will allow ancestors to meet their relatives in a metaverse and hear their stories directly. Who would you like to meet the most?

For me, it is easy to answer this question. I would like to meet you the most - I have been waiting and waiting for you to come to Mars... Hopefully, it will happen soon - sooner than death comes to me.

Always yours,


P.S. Have you heard about Mars4 game developer Nick’s AMA? Follow Mars4 on Twitch not to miss it!

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