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Ethan’s letter: Would You Play Football On Mars?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

My station is complete! I am sitting in my shiny new building, enjoying the first truly relaxing moment since arriving on Mars. What else can I say? I am happy and life is easy. For now.

There haven't been a lot of sand storms lately - as if Mars was protecting me while I was building my station. Now here I am, sitting and reading the news. Some of it is quite fascinating. Let me share it with you.

When I was younger, I used to play football: I wasn't so good at it, but it was pretty fun and helped me to keep fit. I also liked watching football - now I will be able to do it in the metaverse. Manchester City is in the process of developing the first metaverse football stadium! That's right, soon people will be able to watch games via VR. No need to drive or even fly all the way to different places - sit on your sofa and relax, football comes to your home! Would you like to play football on Mars?

Watching football is fun - especially if you are not alone. In my previous letters, I have mentioned I am looking for love, and it might become easier as time goes by because more and more people find love in the metaverse. If you are still single like me, don't worry: the first VR dating app is on its way. Planet Theta allows people to connect virtually: finding love can be as easy as putting on your VR headset. The development of Planet Theta has still only reached the beta version, but it gives more hope to us, all the lonely people, to finally find love.

But to find love you have to look cool or at least representable. Think of fancy apparel, what comes to your mind? Fashion shows on TV, T-shirts worth more than your house? All these shiny things are coming to metaverses too. Philipp Plein, a famous German designer, launches his clothing line in Decentraland which was introduced in Milan Fashion week. The dressmaker has also spent $1.4 million on a land plot on the same metaverse. Would you like to live next to him?

I am happy about my station - even if no famous designer lives next to me. Although you never know, perhaps someone famous will buy a land plot beside mine. If you fancy having a special spot on Mars, you can check our rare NFTs section where land plots are named after famous crypto stars or unicorns. If you could pick anyone famous to live alongside you, who would you choose?

Waiting to hear from you!

Always yours,


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