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Highways on Mars: Heavier Goods Transports will Benefit from Road Systems

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

As a colonist on Mars, you will have to pick a role for yourself. One of the roles available is a driver - pick it and you will be responsible for transporting goods all over Mars, earning Mars4 dollars in return. Will Mars have highways for drivers? This time "You ask, we answer" is ready to answer that!

Is it possible to build infrastructure such as highways across lands?

Yes, it is. Not all of the vehicles on Mars will be suitable for all-terrain environments. The heavier goods transports will benefit from well-developed road systems. This will be a method of developing your lands by bridging ravines and building road networks to improve the efficiency of transporting goods through your lands. The market on Mars is a global market where players can freely buy and sell products and items, but the goods still need to be transported between where they are purchased and where they were produced.

When goods are purchased, colonists can opt to have them delivered by the automatic market or by players and landowners will receive a transportation fee for goods transported across their lands.

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