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Mars4: January 2024 Monthly Recap

Greetings from the Mars4 team to our community and investors! We’re delighted to see the start of the year behind us and are looking forward to sharing our latest updates that we’ve delivered to our community. 

The start of 2024 has seen Mars4 start strong with the release of a brand new piece of colonist footwear, a collaboration with KOL Spike, the end of the Mars4 Pre-Registration event on Wemix Play, and an AMA with Nick.

The month opened with the close of the Mars4 Pre-Registration event on Wemix Play. This event, started near the end of 2023, was part of the team’s efforts to expand Mars4’s reach and boost our community. The lucky winners of the Pre-Registration are sure to enjoy their ability to soar through the skies of Mars with the Jetstream jetpacks they received as rewards!

The month continued with the release of the Dexterity Boots, a sharp and functional piece of colonist equipment that serves to boost the speed of any Martian operating on the surface. Additionally these boots, as with all other NFT equipment, provide a boost to a player’s productivity score. The release was followed with a collaboration with KOL Spike as part of the efforts to continue building up the larger Mars4 community.

The largest changes this month have focused on responding to community feedback and targeting an oft requested improvement regarding the Mars4 multiplayer game. As explained by Nick during the AMA held on the 11th, the development in January focused on bringing further optimization forward. Optimization efforts are an ongoing process, but the team’s efforts this month have been so significant as to warrant its own mention.


These changes have taken effect with the launch of the Robinson patch which saw an astounding reduction in load times for the multiplayer game from 40 minutes down to 40 seconds. We look forward to hearing from our community on how much these changes ease their enjoyment of the game.

With 2024 well underway at this point, we look forward to bringing further enhancements and benefits to our international and growing community. As we continue developing and improving the Mars4 game and Mars Control Center, we look forward to hearing back from all of you, wherever you are on Mars or Earth.

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