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Leading The Play-to-Earn Game Market: Mars4 vs Axie Infinity

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

If you are not a stranger to the internet world, you have probably heard about NFT games by now. They are popping up everywhere with more and more testimonials from people asserting they are earning money from play-to-earn crypto games.

Just a little bit of research online will reveal the names of the most popular NFT games such as Axie Infinity, Spliterlands, The Sandbox, Star Atlas, to name a few. Their popularity is increasing and it is not so uncommon to hear about gamers who insist they are making a livable wage just from playing NFT games.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games reaching over 8 million players worldwide. This article will give you a better understanding of what Axie Infinity is about and how it compares to the Mars4 project.

Leading The Play-to-Earn Game Market: Mars4 vs Axie Infinity

Back to basics: what is an NFT?

When NFTs first came out many people were skeptical, questioning what was the point of them. We learned that they are pictures minted on the blockchain - but why is that important and what problem does it solve?

Some artists were quick to join the fad as it gave them tools to sell their art in the digital world. The process of selling your artwork online is tricky: how can people truly own a piece of digital art?

With traditional art, it is simple: you get a physical item that you can hang on your wall or pass on to another collector. NFTs originated as tools to prove and transfer ownership of digital art.

Based on blockchain, just like cryptocurrency, NFTs belong to the decentralized side of the internet. For example, when you are using a regular credit card, your transaction will go through the bank as they are the ones validating any action happening on your account. All control falls to one entity, your bank.

To rise above centralization, blockchain technology was adapted. If you pay using cryptocurrency, your transaction will be validated by nodes (or computers in the network) and will appear in the public domain for anyone to see.

Blockchain technology is being incorporated into different spheres besides cryptocurrency. NFTs are one of them. When you mint your artwork on the blockchain, anyone can check the history of transfers. This makes it possible to validate who owns the NFT.

A simple example is how Twitter deals with NFTs: you can use your NFT as a profile picture on the mentioned platform if you connect your wallet to validate your ownership.

If you are bored with your NFT, you can simply resell it to someone else as the ownership can be easily transferred on the blockchain.

Why are NFTs used in games?

Many games contain various tools and cosmetic items that need to be earned or even bought. Not only that, you can trade these assets, or even sell them to other players. The problem is that these items do not belong to you entirely. For example, you can get banned from the game and lose your assets.

This is where NFT gaming comes into the picture. With NFT assets players can be sure they have full ownership of the item. No one can take away your in-game NFT, not even game developers themselves.

Players can earn from these games as well. One of the most basic and first NFT games, CryptoKitties, allows players to breed virtual kitties and earn from selling them. The rarer your newborn kitty is, the more expensive it is. More sophisticated games soon followed, one of them being Axie Infinity.

Tokenomics of Axie Infinity vs Mars4: Axies vs Mars NFTs

Axie Infinity resembles Cryptokitties quite a lot: you own virtual pets (called Axies), breed them and sell them. The market evaluates Axies' price based on their rarity.

One of the innovations you can find in Axie Infinity is double tokenomics. Axie Infinity not only has NFTs (Axies), but they also released a cryptocurrency alongside them. Their cryptocurrency, or Smooth Love Potion (SLP), is used to breed Axies. These Axies can also battle each other and earn SLP by winning.

By integrating SLP into the game, the team behind Axie Infinity created a cryptocurrency that has a specific purpose. This led to the rise of the token price that was seen not long ago with the increasing popularity of the game. The price did not remain high, and now Axie Infinity is facing a downfall.

The rise of SLP is seen from the Spring of 2021 when the game reached its popularity peak. Unfortunately for SLP holders, the token has fallen to the original price the same year and keeps dropping below the original price. The economy created originally could not be sustained, so other tactics were applied to help the token rise once again - so far with no luck.

Mars4 also incorporates double tokenomics: Mars land plot NFTs and the MARS4 dollar. Mars NFTs can be treated as real estate in the upcoming game: players will be able to explore their NFTs and build upon them.

Mars4 has a limited amount of Mars land plot NFTs (99,888). While there are limited original Axies, Axie Infinity allows players to breed their Axies infinitely. Mars NFTs prices will increase due to scarcity - that can not be said about regular Axies.

Currently, Axie Infinity is creating a game based on land plot NFTs in the virtual Lunacia metaverse where, just like Mars land plot NFTs, players will be able to mine resources and build constructions. Currently, you can purchase Lunacia's land in the official marketplace starting from around $4,000 (much more expensive if you compare it to Mars NFT prices!).

One of the reasons why the team is launching a real estate based NFT game is the falling prices of SLP, the main currency in the game.

While Axie Infinity could have led to impressive gains amid its popularity peak, many players are leaving the game as the future is not certain.

The Mars4 cryptocurrency is called MARS4 dollars and will be used in the upcoming game. All transactions on Mars will be done with it, from buying resources to cosmetic items. This will stimulate the use of the MARS4 dollar and keep it relevant.

Axie Infinity vs Mars4: Gameplay

We went through the Axie Infinity game briefly. You can do two main things in the game: either breed your Axies using SLP or put them into a battle against other Axies and win SLP. During the battle, you will be able to use various cards and alter the outcome of the fight.

Mars4 will be releasing a 3D survival cooperative multiplayer game where players will explore their Mars NFTs, gather resources, build constructions and complete various missions, such as driving goods around the planet. You will be able to terraform your Mars NFT to make it your home, as well as to unleash your creativity. Explorers will be able to visit public land plots with galleries, shops and other buildings, always finding something new as the team has plans to keep adding new attractions to the planet. Mars4 will be a metaverse built on the Red Planet.

The gameplay of the two games differ quite a lot and it is up to the players to choose which one they prefer. Axie Infinity will be also releasing a land plot based metaverse similar to the Mars4 project. It seems the game developers are looking for ways to attract more players to the game since SLP prices are dropping.

Mars4 vs Axie Infinity: Prices to start playing

If you are trying to find an NFT game, the amount you need to invest before you can start playing is something you might want to consider. It is no secret that some NFT games are expensive, and in many cases, you will need to invest quite a lot before you can start earning.

To start playing Axie Infinity, you will need to obtain 3 Axies to build your dream team for battles. If you look through the marketplace, you can find Axies starting at around $17. While it is cheap now, keep in mind that not long ago the price of Axies was around $1,000. The price drop can be explained by the fall of the SLP token.

Since you need SLP to breed, if you hatch a new Axie and sell it for $15, it will not be profitable because of the breeding cost. The first breeding of parent Axies will cost you 900 SLP (around $15) and will increase with every offspring. It seems like the cheapest Axies sell for about the same price it costs to breed them, leaving Axie breeders earning almost nothing for their time.

The Mars4 game will be totally free to start: you will unlock 1 colonist in the beginning. You will be able to start playing on public Mars NFT lands but to increase your profit you will need to either rent out land or purchase it yourself. Keep in mind that the first demo is available to Mars NFT holders to try out already.

Purchasing Mars land NFTs is surely the easiest way to start earning from Mars4. Right now you can grab your piece of land for $578. You can check out the virtual Mars to pick a perfect spot for your next adventure.

In the future, you will be able to get rare Mars NFTs too as they are currently held for auctions. They are NFTs that are bigger and have landmark mountains or craters in them.

If you do not purchase Mars NFT, you will be able to rent out or become a land manager. This option is beneficial for both parties involved: landowners will earn from renting, and you will have land you can cultivate and earn from. The system was introduced to give investors ways to earn passively as not everyone involved in the Mars4 project wants to play the upcoming game, and might have purchased Mars NFT as a passive income investment.

Axie Infinity also allows lending Axies to other players. You can apply for an Axie scholarship program and become a scholar, a player who battles with rented out Axies. Both the investor and player would earn from winning battles.


Axie Infinity is an NFT game that has seen rapid growth and a dramatic downfall. It started with simple gameplay where players can obtain and breed Axies (NFTs) and then battle to earn SLP tokens (also used in breeding).

While SLP token price rose during its popularity peak, soon it dropped down below the original SLP price. Currently, earning from Axie Infinity is tricky, and many players have left the game due to the unsustainable economy.

Mars4 offers players different gameplay where players can explore their Mars NFT, gather resources and work together in habitats to survive on the Red Planet. It will be a play-to-earn metaverse leading the market with the creation of a unique and fun experience of the Red Planet.

Mars4's economy is based on in-game currency the MARS4 dollar which will be used to make any transaction in the game. This will keep the price of MARS4 dollars up as players will be constantly using it. Not only that, Mars4 will offer various activities to increase community involvement in the game.

You can purchase your Mars NFT now to start your journey!

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