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M4 Patch Notes (1503 - 1843)

Patch Notes

Version: 1843

Release Date: 31.08.2022

New Features

Driveable Vehicles

Today we’re proud to introduce the first deployment of Mars4’s vehicle NFTs ahead of schedule in the form of the Caripen Ground Penetrating Radar Vehicle. The Caripen GPRV is one of the larger vehicles designed to roam across the surface of Mars and identify valuable ores and nodes on the red planet’s surface. This vehicle will make the process of extracting resources more efficient and also boost your productivity score!

Mars4 patch notes
Caripen GPRVs at rest.

While the rollout of this vehicle represents a significant advancement for the Mars4 game’s, it should be noted that the Caripen (and the vehicle system as a whole) is still under development. The physics system for the Caripen GPRV lacks polish, so you may see some odd behaviour from time to time. Much like the rest of the current phase of the Mars4 game, the GPRV will be refined alongside feedback from the community and its owners.

To find out more about the productivity score and even purchase your own Caripen, click here.

NFT Inventory Integration

The introduction of the Caripen GPRV comes alongside the first stage of NFT integration with the Mars4 game, another significant milestone. This comes in the form of the NFT inventory which is accessible in-game using the ‘O’ key. The NFT inventory tracks and shows players their entire NFT inventory from vehicles to equipment and even owned lands. NFT owners are able to use the in-game inventory system to deploy their NFTs into their game.

Mars4 patch notes
NFT Inventory UI Example

Future versions of the NFT Inventory will include full access to the Mars Control Center from the surface of Mars for all colonists.

Adjustments & Additions

  • Tier 3 square and triangle ceilings have been rescaled to visually fit with Tier 2 constructables.

  • Tier 2 and 3 upgrades for the Water Tank have been added.

  • New restricted inventory slots have been added to all machines. These new slots only allow their related item to be attached, for example: the oxygen replenisher can only receive oxygen tanks. Players may lose items if placed inappropriately. The UN reminds all colonists that the square peg goes into the square hole. Please do not place raw ores where the power banks go.

  • Adjustments have been made to the colonist’s visual details.

  • New oxygen refill animations.

  • New props have been added to the synthetic manufacturer to further spice up the lives of colonists.

  • A new UI marker has been added to tell colonists when they are over encumbered.

  • The colonist spacesuit AI has been instructed to be more helpful. Colonists are now able to see highlights around dropped objects and materials.

  • Added a repair kit to mitigate the degradation of tools. The repair kit will allow colonists to repair their hand-held tools.

  • Lighting and particles at the crash site have been tweaked to improve the player path. Not all colonists managed to stumble to safety after their hard landing.

  • Version number information has been added to save files to help players distinguish between current and outdated saves.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with arc furnace placement logic.

  • Fixed an issue with door collisions.

  • Fixed an issue with open doors blocking the placement of ramps and other constructables.

  • A UN service update for the colonist building planner has resolved the inability to build ceilings attached to triangle foundations, allowing colonists to reach new heights.

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases it was possible to build a wall at the 2nd floor that would intersect/clip with a dome.

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to interact with an unbuilt object during placement.

  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to build two fences at an acute angle

  • Fixed an entirely different and separate issue where it was impossible to build a fence and a wall at an acute angle.

  • Fixed an issue that caused decorations to float in the space where a wall had been demolished.

  • Fixed an issue that caused decorations to float in the space where a floor or ceiling had been demolished.

  • Fixed an issue where decorations would sometimes be placed on the opposite side of the wall a player was targeting.

  • Fixed a rare issue where it was impossible to build a wall in a destroyed wall’s place.

  • New shipments from Earth include larger quantities of aerogels for dome construction projects. Large domes now remain airtight after completion.

  • Fixed an issue where after switching a vehicle’s engine on, the player’s tab key became disabled.

  • Fixed an issue with front brakes not correctly turning with the wheels.

  • Fixed an issue with camera controls

  • Colonist reports of ‘alien’ activity were entirely unfounded and revealed to be the result of a visual glitch in their helmet’s AI. The particle system conflict that caused a strange floating object to appear after destroying an ore node has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where items would, in some cases, be multiplied if there wasn't enough space in the inventory to carry them.

  • On-screen widgets have been told to sit still. They should no longer display unusual behaviour when the player is very close to a wall.

  • Fixed an issue with the freezing effect persisting after respawn.

  • Fixed an issue with the player character remaining standing on death and not correctly ragdolling.

  • Fixed an issue with the mouse cursor disappearing after entering and exiting pause after death.

  • Colonist helmets have had minor repairs made to their headsets. The sound settings in the options menu should now correctly adjust sound settings.


  • New games now start at 9am.

  • Lighting tweaks applied to the sun and fog and tweaks applied to the source angle of the sun disk.

  • Improvements made to particle system on ambient map and tweaks made to distant shadows in skylights

  • New animations added for the Synthetic Manufacturer, Fabricator, and Arc Furnace.

  • Adjustments made to vehicle and colonist skeletons.

  • Visual updates and adjustments made to heater, electrolysis machine, arc furnace and fabricator.

  • Flashlight intensity and radius has been tweaked.

  • Reworked logic for stair placement allowing alignments with triangle constructables and doorframes.

  • The UI design of power slots has been changed

  • The ESC key closes UI first and then pauses

  • Save/load logic has been tweaked to fix an issue with solar collectors

  • Text size has been tweaked to improve legibility.

  • Spelling errors have been tweaked to improve legibility.

  • Mesh adjustments for several machines.

  • Minor adjustments to fabricator crafting.

  • Minor adjustments to building plans.

  • Minor fixes applied to Tier 3 ceilings.

  • Minor fixes applied to the water pump.

  • General adjustments made to Tier 3 constructables.

  • Collisions adjusted for the synthetic manufacturer.

  • General adjustments to crafting menu UI, layout and scaling.

  • General optimisations.

Upcoming Features
  • Electrical Grid System, wiring and linking power systems together throughout base structures.

  • Farming System, the tools and means to grow crops in colonist bases from hydroponics systems to composters.

  • Cooking System, machines and mechanics that provide buffs to your colonist by keeping them well-fed and hydrated.

  • New, more efficient patcher that should result in faster download speeds for our players.

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