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Mars4 Partners With IQ Protocol

Mars4 is excited to announce partnership with IQ Protocol!

IQ Protocol is proud to say that their technology will be powering the in-game asset marketplace in Mars4! 

As integral as the NFT marketplace is in Mars4, our team knows the importance of relying on tech they can trust. That’s why we've decided to work with IQ Protocol, assuring their players a seamless and safe gaming experience. With IQ Protocol, players can borrow and lend NFTs without any risk or collateral involved.

Risk- and collateral-free? How’s that possible?!

Importantly, the NFT marketplace on IQ Protocol is risk-free. Typical modes of lending an asset puts the lender at risk, say, if the borrower loses hold of the asset (for whatever reason). With IQ Protocol, such risks are not a concern. Instead of giving the original asset to the borrower, IQ Protocol mints an expirable version of the NFT (which contains all of the unique features of the original). This NFT is then given to the borrower. This guarantees that the original NFT is always safe and can be returned to the owner after the agreed-upon rental contract has expired. Now, players can rest easy renting out their most valuable items. 

Want to see how it works? Visit IQ Market

About Mars4 

Mars4 is a AAA multiplayer survival and terraforming game, where players do whatever they can to make a life on Mars. This includes mining for valuable resources and constructing shelter, which eventually becomes a flourishing outpost. Teamwork allows colonies to advance even further,  becoming fully formed habitations—or even a metropolis!—on the Martian surface.

Adding an exciting layer of depth to the game, all of the main features (from land and characters, to wearables and transport vehicles) are NFTs. As your world grows, so too do the features of the NFTs you’ve used to create your success. Play, earn, and be part of a thriving Metaverse with its own economy. 

Particularly exciting is the way the Mars4 team created the map. Inspired by NASA’s Mars data and imagery, they’ve created a meticulously designed terrain. Think of it like a Mars version of Google Earth! Each plot in the game is unique and has been designed with accuracy from this dataset. It is within this landscape that players encounter a Web3 world that intertwines a player-centric marketplace, a complex technology tree, and character evolution. Do you have what it takes to terraform the planet?!

A key to not just survival, but also success in Mars4 is the cultivation of skilled characters and valuable land. As NFTs, these assets come to form the basis of your Mars4 world. As the characters level up and as the land develops, your NFTs accrue greater and greater utility. That’s because every player inhabiting Mars4 must, to some extent, work together to build thriving colonies on land plots. A player might begin alone, but will soon encounter others in the game. Or perhaps they begin with a group of friends enjoying the co-op survival experience together. But eventually, large communities will form, which will require cooperation of many.

About IQ Protocol 

IQ Protocol is a permissionless open-source NFT rental technology. Our easy no-cost integration empowers users to discover and seamlessly onboard onto blockchain games and NFT projects. But we’re more than rental infrastructure. We’ve built solutions specifically tailored for games to increase the three metrics which matter… players, activity, and liquidity.

Integrating with IQ Protocol has boosted the distribution of our partners assets by 10x and onboarded thousands of players.

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