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Patch Notes

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Release Date: 23.05.2023

New Features

Age of Discovery

Discover and Explore Mars through the new map system. The new mapping system is another step towards the full game’s exploration elements. The system introduces a ‘fog of war’ that will conceal portions of the map until players explore them by visiting those locations on foot or via a rover.

Understandably, for the single-player version, the fog of war will not affect veteran players. However, this new map will form the initial foundation of player exploration across their lands in the full multiplayer release as each landowner will be setting forth on their own unique land NFTs.

Additionally, the minimap has been improved with a better UI and the ability to drag the map. This allows players to view more than simply their immediate surroundings. These changes work to establish immersion when players and their colonists start out in the full release.

Uplink Beacons

Beacons form a secondary part of the mapping update to allow for easier mapping in the vicinity of colonies. Players construct these spires that link to UN satellites in orbit and transmit map details to your colonists once powered up. In game terms, by powering up a beacon players will uncover large portions of the surrounding areas on their maps.

There are two types of beacons on Mars. The smaller variants are powered by energy cells and easier to manage logistically, while the larger beacons require a supporting power grid, but uncover a much larger radius.

Tool Adjustments

Based on player feedback, the development team has pushed out several quality-of-life adjustments to the upgrade/destroy/rotate tool. Now, when a player selects a function, that function will remain selected until players swap to a different function via the wheel.

Top-down Construction

Players are now able to connect structures downwards, for example connecting a wall beneath a ceiling panel. This will provide players with far greater customization when it comes to base design.

We fully anticipate an even wilder array of base designs from the community and our players have yet to disappoint us when it comes to amazing colonies.

Automatic Reverse Lights

The UN grudgingly accepts that it might help in a minor capacity if reverse lights were to turn on automatically when vehicles were driving backward. It is hoped that the number of accidental colony breaches, rover damage, and occasionally flattening of colonists will be reduced significantly.

When vehicle headlights are on (via the ‘F’ key), the reverse lights will automatically switch on when driving in reverse.

Updates and Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get the same rewards from Drop Pods claimed in a row after saving and loading the game.

  • Fixed a bug when a player claiming a drop pod with a storage chest actually got a storage cabinet.

  • Vehicles’ brakes adjustment. Increased braking power (when pressing the spacebar) for all vehicles.

  • Fixed a bug due to which some interactive areas of Karkanda did not allow the character to get into the vehicle.

  • Reduced the grid effect of the landscape.

  • The steam issuing from an operating oxygen generator became more transparent. Will be adjusted more in the next update.

  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to place dummies in the air.

  • Fixed an issue with characters’ inventory weight calculation.

  • While driving a vehicle, zooming in no longer results in getting inside the vehicle.

  • The Milky Way is back in the sky.

  • Fixed an issue where the Fertilizer Machine and Composting Machine were not consuming power.

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