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Mars4 Patch Notes: Landfall+

Version: Landfall+

Release Date: 12.12.2023

With the multiplayer game having received its largest update yet, the team has pushed ahead to bring forward an additional upgrade to the game, the Landmark system. This development arrives three months ahead of schedule as the team felt this system represented a major milestone that would benefit our community most if it was developed alongside their feedback.

As such, we look forward to hearing back from our community about this system and its mechanics. It bears mentioning that this system is very much still under development, so your feedback will help us better target concerns and opportunities for our players.

New Features

Landmark: Your Site, Your Design

As colonists spread out across the face of Mars, it became necessary to communicate ownership of an area’s structures to other similar devices, allowing colonists to mark these structures as owned by individuals. The solution embraced by Martians was the construction of data-exchange towers, later referred to as the Landmark.

In gameplay terms, when a Landmark is placed and activated by a player, other players will be prevented from building and destroying structures within its radius. Other players will still be able to make use of doors, machines, storages, and even the Landmark itself.

The UN recommends that colonists should consider constructing walls around their landmarks.

Forced Automatic Client Updating

The vast majority of ‘glitches’ and ‘errors’ reported by colonists has been resolved by a mandated-firmware upgrade provided by Earth’s Terra Communications Ltd.

Please note that most of the errors and bugs reported recently can be solved by ensuring that the client is up to date. This update will ensure that the game client will force updates when available.

Updates and Bugfixes 

Vehicles will now switch off their lights automatically when a colonist leaves them.

  • Fixed an issue where called-in NFTs would be placed in other players’ inventories.

  • Nancy and Bullionaire have been reminded that ownership is a rule not a choice. Pets will no longer arbitrarily switch owners on spawn.

  • Players driving the Cybertruck will no longer be suspended under the vehicle, an inherently unsafe driving position.

  • Fixed an issue with pet’s being too clingy or ignoring their owners. The follow/stop toggles should now work correctly.

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