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Mars4 Patch Notes: November

Version: Landfall (4641)

Release Date: 06.12.2023

New Features

Cybertruck: Phobos X

Hermetically sealed and graded for the Martian surface, these classic antiques from Earth's pre-struggle period are able to haul goods, carry passengers, and traverse the Martian landscape. They are able to go on Elongated journeys, though that much time trapped in your suit and vehicles might leave the truck a little Musky.

Nancy Spider: The Neo-Auton Cyborg

How or why this particular cybernetic assistant has ended up on Mars is outside of the UN’s remit. There have been investigations and more to determine exactly how an antique reconnaissance device was shipped to Mars. For our colonists, Nancy is a unique pet that is able to follow its owner and carry goods for them as they toil away on the surface.

Duster Colonist

The first Duster was likely the result of an extreme version of cabin fever, or so the UN believes. Being far from Mother Earth and set to work in rough conditions without succor would strain any individual, no matter how rugged and adaptable. Dusters make use of the planet's available frontier to make do with less of the comforts of colonial civilisation.Rumor has it that the real reason behind the name is that a Duster will happily 'dust' anyone who crosses them.The UN reminds all colonists that no reports of such behavior has ever been received.

Owners can find this unique suit in the NFT tab of their Inventory in the colonists section.

Resources from MCC

Colonists can now request the resources from your MCC account to be delivered directly to them. These resources are ‘hot-dropped’ by Drop Pods. This new function can be found in the NFT tab of the character’s inventor and can be used in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Landfall Multiplayer Alpha Update

This update brings a huge upgrade to the Multiplayer Alpha. The team has worked hard to ensure that multiplayer enjoys the same standards of quality as our community has come to expect in the single-player game.

As of this update, the Multiplayer Alpha is no longer a separate game, but works alongside the single-player client. Entering multiplayer is now as simple as pressing the ‘LAND ON MARS’ button found on the main menu.

The Landfall Update brings all the functional, techn

ical, visual, and mechanical developments introduced in single-player to the full multiplayer world of Mars4. This update also includes a vast amount of effort to resolve multiple bugs and issues. We’re more excited than ever to share this monumental update with our community and finally see landfall from our fellow colonists.

Content introduced to the Multiplayer Alpha:

  • Mining: Dig down, dig deep. Whether it's with your own tools or a Caripen GT, mine nodes, scan ores, and embrace the gold rush (or regolith rush, we’re not judging!).

  • Electrical grids: Harness wind, light, and even fissiles to create fully functional power grids alongside the wiring tool. Bring the light of progress to your bases on Mars.

  • Crafting: Some assembly required. Colonists will be able to construct crafting stations, power systems and work with their production chains to produce survival items, resources, or even decorations.

  • Survival: Bring warmth to your shelters, extract and purify water, and grow food in your established colonies. Will you embrace your inner frontiersman and go it alone, or develop a thriving station alongside others?

  • Productivity score: Earn productivity and rewards by surviving Mars and developing your colonies and bases. Call drop pods to receive your rewards anywhere on the face of Mars.

  • Ownership: Don’t forget your keys! Vehicles and drop pod now have ownership and only their owners can access them.

  • Diurnal cycle: A new day, a new beginning. Day and night bring their own perils to Mars as the cycle of progress continues.

  • Mapping: Explore the world and development of Mars with ease thanks to a fully functional map, featuring marks and live building tracking.

  • New NFTs: Make landfall with your full NFT collection, deploy the Shire, Click-beetles, Cybertrucks, Duster colonists, Jetpacks, decoration sets, Bullionaire and Nancy spider pets.

  • New Tier of insulated building components: Build higher, build safer, develop a colony built to withstand the test of time.

  • UE5: The UN’s latest visor updates have ensured that the highest quality perception is available to our colonists on the surface. Enjoy a sharper, more vivid Mars.

  • Improved graphics: From global illumination to ambient lighting, feel free to enjoy the beauty that Mars has to offer from its rugged mountains and deep craters, to the flash of dawn and the Martian nights.

  • Improved performance: An upgrade with less demands. Our team has introduced reduced RAM and VRAM consumption and CPU utilization, an efficiency that will help you enjoy Mars without (hopefully) melting your computer.

  • Multiplayer persistence: The player’s geoposition and his inventory after exiting and logging into the game is saved and kept.

Updates and Bugfixes

  • Unreal Engine updated to UE 5.3

  • Now only the owners can open their drop pods.

  • Sand was changed to Regolith - All crafting recipes that required sand now require Regolith.

    • Regolith is gathered the same way as sand had been (using the shovel)

  • Fixed a bug where after leaving a Caripen, ore mines remained with visible scan data.

  • I’m Spartacus! Modified multiplayer connection logic to use a unique player ID and avoid situations where players with the same name could possess the same character.

  • Fixed a bug with reconnecting to the server.

  • Added an automatic MCC connection. It is enough to enter the code from MCC once, after which the connection to the MCC will be automatic.

  • Added blocking volumes around the map to prevent players from flying over the level bounds, please try to stay on Mars. The UN cannot be held responsible if you decide to fall off the face of the world.

  • Fixed a bug where mined ores became invisible after respawn.

  • Fixed a bug with ore scanning in multiplayer that was allowing infinite mining.

  • A seat belt has been added to the Karkanda, preventing the bug where drivers were placed under the vehicle when driving.

  • Several network improvements were applied to update vehicles faster.

  • Fixed an issue to prevent spawning vehicles over the already placed ones.

  • Fixed an issue where you could see an empty NFT tab after dying and respawning.

  • Bullionaire is your pet, not your worshiper. Fixed a bug where Bullionaire was following you on his knees.

  • Increased network cull distance.

  • Fixed an issue where the sunflower and chest inventories were incorrecting showing as not connected.

  • Physics has been reminded that players are lighter than vehicles and should not push vehicle wheels if they walk, run, or jump into them.

  • Prevented a bug where if a player left the game while driving a vehicle, the vehicle became destroyed and the “sleeping” character flew in the air.

  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where a player was dying while disconnected.

  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect furnace meshes being used.

  • Fixed an issue with machine crafting lists in multiplayer.

  • Fixed a bug where after loading the game, a Click-beetle would lose its wire.

  • Fixed an issue where orbital drops were impossible to claim on the client.

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