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Mars4 Patch Notes: Robinson

Version: Robinson (105)

Release Date: 07.02.2024

New Features

Multiplayer Performance Increase

The most important part of this patch tackles the large efforts undertaken to optimize multiplayer performance by targeting the render speed of buildings and network logic. These changes have allowed load times to be reduced from 30-40 minutes down to 25-40 seconds. Optimization is part of an ongoing process, but these changes are significant enough to warrant pride of place thanks to the team’s hard work resolving this.


When a colonist is injured in a manner that leaves them unable to continue operating on the surface their suit will often take matters into its own hands, prioritizing the survival of the wearer. The Cryomed ensures that colonists found in comatose or near-death states can be revived and restored as quickly as possible. In gameplay terms, we’ve added a respawn point for you! This craftable bed ensures that if you should perish out on the surface of Mars you can be respawned back at the location you built the bed at.

Personal chest.

A place to store your belongings, the personal chest is only accessible by their owners. Colonists can sleep well in their Cryomeds knowing that their personal belongings are kept safely stashed away.

Deploy status of pets, vehicles, equipment, and suits.

This particular feature is targeted at improving the Quality of Life (QoL) of our players as well as the security of their assets. This function will allow a player to ‘recall’ a deployed NFT back to their inventory. The intention behind this QoL patch is to make sure that any NFTs a player owns are able to be immediately brought back to their inventory.

Shrike V7

A product of the Baltic Arcology, the Shrike is a thruster-equipped vehicle designed explicitly for Mars. Mars' lower gravity and thinner atmosphere makes such craft vastly more efficient than they would be on Earth. The Shrike allows a colonist to race across the landscape at blazing speeds. For colonists interested in getting to grips with the vehicle, the Shrike V7’s design allows it to boost when pressing the ‘SHIFT’ key. Additionally, the Shrike V7 has a small MMRTG onboard ensuring no fuel is required.

Mining Gloves

Tensile Feedback Reduction (or TFR) Gloves are meticulously designed devices, yet another example of what Earth's scientific base can provide for those on Mars. Delicate servomotors help enhance your grip while the intricate internal fiber structure helps reduce tactile-feedback, ensuring that a colonist can work harder and more importantly, clear nodes faster.

Updates and Bugfixes 
  • Restricted access to pet inventories so that only the owner can access it.

  • Implemented usage of MCC nickname instead of computer name.

  • Implemented despawn of vehicles after 12 hours of AFK on the server. Vehicles connected to the grid will not despawn.

  • Landmarks now work off a player’s MCC ID instead of User ID.

  • Slapped a series of ‘This Way Out’ signs on vehicle interiors. Characters should no longer have the wrong mesh rotation after exiting the vehicle.

  • Fixed several issues with NFT tracking.

  • Fixed an issue where a pet’s hold position command didn't work in multiplayer.

  • Turned up the lights: Dome panels should now work correctly in multiplayer.

  • Fixed several issues with replication problems related to the NFT deploy status.

  • Fixed an issue where a lot of ore mines were spawned in the same points in multiplayer.

  • Pickaxes have been reminded their primary purpose is mining and not phasing through mineable ores in multiplayer.

  • Drop pods no longer halt their descent and return to orbit after a player rejoins the server.

  • Fixed a drop pod issue that prevented players from using drop pods after save/load.

  • Gravity has been reminded that it is more powerful than drop pods, they should no longer hang in the air indefinitely.

  • Fixed an issue with initial growing plots airtightness.

  • Login in NFT inventory now stays after returning to the main menu.

  • Created an in-game warning message to inform players about server restart in advance.

  • Fixed an issue with Esc key not working while in main menu

  • Fixed an issue with ore mines occasionally respawning incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where machines connected to the power grid displayed “Disconnected” in their inventory after the first interaction.

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