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Mars4: Play on Your Land Now

Version: Viking (5166)

Release Date: 29.02.2024

New Features

Mars4 Land Generation

Words are insufficient to fully explain the depth of this patch, despite its relatively major change. This patch brings the first experimental launch of Mars4’s land generation system

For our colonists, this means that players can experience playing on their own lands for the first time in the 3D game. As with all newly introduced features, the land generations system is not fully optimized yet. The team expects load times and performance issues, but as always, your feedback will ensure we can continue refining the system.

Updates and Bugfixes 
  • Introduced new models for minable ores. 

  • Reduced performance drop during placement of Landmarks.

  • Fixed an issue with headlights when leaving vehicles.

  • Fixed an issue with the deploy status of owned NFTs after a player reconnected to the server.

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