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Player count on Mars4 lands: unlimited with server instancing

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

We are more than happy to receive questions from our community; therefore "You ask, we answer" rubric is back again with more answers.

Given that the number of lands is limited, will the number of players be limited too?

No. However, if a land starts to become overpopulated, we plan to use server instancing to ensure performance remains high, no matter the number of players joining a particular land.

We will intelligently choose what server instance to place a player in based on their friends list and interactions.

All chats and trades are linked across the instances, preventing issues with eCommerce and socialisation.

Now, it's very early to say, but we should be able to support 150–200 players in any single instance of a land without a significant drop in performance. It's a rough estimate at this stage, but still a reasonable one.

Stay curious and ask away on our Discord or Telegram!

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