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Public and Private Lands: It Will Be More Beneficial To Keep Your Lands Public

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

We are super excited about the upcoming game, but we also understand that some things might not be clear. That is why we have the "You ask, we answer" rubric! Today we will talk more about public lands, so proceed to the question!

Shouldn’t some lands stay public for roads built connecting critical infrastructure, if all lands are privately owned, couldn’t people restrict travel to people who don’t own those lands?

In game design, there are two ways to resolve this, either by banning it or making it not beneficial. We would prefer to go the latter route as we do not want to interfere with the governance of lands by landowners.

Trade fees in the game are based on logistics movement between A and B. If your land is completely private, that means you will not benefit from tolls earned by transported goods because both drivers and the global market will not be able to use your lands for transit.

Restrictions on your lands for the flow of people and goods will also mean you will potentially lose out on profits from the global market’s trade.

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