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Ethan's letter: Get Ready To Purchase Zuck Buck!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

Last night I had a dream about a remote resort I visited as a child. I still remember the white sand beach and the sky blue water, so clear and warm, glistening in the sun. It was the first time I saw a palm tree in real life - what an adventure it was to encounter something you only see on television! The dream took me back to the good old times and I woke up with a heavy heart. It was just a dream, a distant memory...

I am here on a desolate planet, growing plants, fighting against the dust storms. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful here - more beautiful than you could imagine or see on the TV. But it gets so lonely... You see, that resort I visited as a child was beautiful and calm, but what I miss about Earth the most is the people. My family, my friends, even strangers. Just simple interactions, exchanging smiles and small talks. All humans need some companionship. That is why I write letters.

But I am not going to plague you with my gloomy thoughts. You know, you can go into really dark places if you let your thoughts run wild. And I will not be lonely forever - soon more people will be sent to Mars and we will meet. You are coming too, aren't you?

Metaverses bring people together: anyone from anywhere can jump into the game, converse and even party in the digital world. I've already told you about festivals on Metaverses before - from Snoop Dogg to K-pop concerts, the virtual worlds will soon bring the best parties in town. And most parties I've been to include alcohol - that is why Absolut Vodka decided to collaborate with the NFT games giant Decentraland and launched Absolut.Land, an attraction dedicated to this world-famous drink.

Drinking alcohol is not your cup of tea? Metaverses can offer you more than that. Epic games just raised $2B from KIRKBI, LEGO's holding company, and Sony to launch a metaverse. The game industry giant owns Fortnite, so you can expect quite an interesting project to emerge. While not everything is known about the upcoming metaverse, we can expect it to be kid and family-oriented.

Another giant in the metaverse market, Meta, will be releasing a virtual in-game currency. Teammates of the project call it "Zuck buck". Although it is not set yet, the currency is not likely to be crypto. It would not be the first time the company has released virtual currency: back in 2009, Facebook Credits was launched to be used for in-app purchases but soon discontinued as it was too expensive to maintain. If Meta sticks to their plan to release a metaverse, in-game currency is an essential element they will have to figure out.

With these big companies working towards creating metaverses, it is clear it will be a huge thing in the future. Are you ready to move in?

Mars is waiting for you! Soon the adventure of the Red Planet will start and I can't wait to see you here.

Always yours,


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