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Explore Mars on Earth: VR Dubai Experience

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Dubai is one of Earth's most astounding cities, an oasis in the desert, literally and figuratively. It is home to over three million people and has become a world-renowned business center. However, have you ever wondered what size it is in the big picture?

If you traveled to Mars and visited Newton, a crater located in Terra Sirenum in the southern hemisphere, you would find yourself within a crater of comparable size to the United Arab Emirates! Dubai in comparison is the exact size of Avire crater, a tiny crater located within Newton.

Traveling to Mars commercially is outside of our capability at the present time, but you can check our website and take a glimpse at how big this crater is compared to Mars here.

Mars4 was created with NASA data to simulate the red planet and you can explore it on your browser to get an idea of the sense of scale that comes with dealing with Mars.

Newton, a super rare NFT

The craters on Mars4 are named after their real world equivalents on Mars with the exception of Rare NFTs found around the two valleys, Crypto and Unicorns.

Newton is one such real crater on the red planet. It was named Newton back in 1973 to honor the scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

On Mars4, Newton is a super rare NFT that already has an owner.

Super rare NFTs are not sold directly on our website - they are kept for auctions in order to offer future holders a chance to own iconic pieces of Mars.

Newton was sold during a call with an Arab Sheik, who was mesmerized by the fact that Newton and the United Arab Emirates are of a similar size.

To celebrate this early investment, we decided to test the waters and create a VR experience - 2040 DUBAI.

This VR experience is provided as part of the Newton NFT, but anyone can explore and enjoy the visual beauty of Mars from the safety of their homes with VR equipment.

We already have a trailer for the experience here, with the full version coming in February.

2040 DUBAI trailer

Let’s examine the trailer: what does it contain?

The trailer opens with a panorama of the Solar System and the Sun in breathtaking detail. Then you catch a closer sight of Earth and Mars before the next scene has you looking out at space from the window of a spaceship.

Next you are taken to the planet proper, traveling across Mars in the comfort of a car, witness to the harsh martian environment where you can see a beautiful but dangerous sand storm. In the background, you can hear Arabian music creating a juxtaposition between the world you’re on and the world left behind. In the last scene, you are driving across Mars’ surface soon to arrive at New Dubai.

Keep in mind that this is only the beginning. The full experience will complete the journey to Newton and New Dubai.

The VR future of Mars4

Here at Mars4 we love VR technology but please note that this VR experience is not directly linked to the game we are currently developing.

Instead, it is a fun and exciting side project used to promote our rare NFTs and dive into VR waters before we reach the VR game phase of the project.

Currently, our project timeline looks like this:

1. Command and Control

2. 3D Single-player

3. 3D Multiplayer

4. VR game

As you can see, we have a long road to go before we reach the VR game phase.

Nonetheless, we hope you will enjoy our VR experiment and share your thoughts on it!

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