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From Workshop Basement To Mars4: Meet Nick, Our Game Development Director

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

With every day that passes we move closer and closer to the game’s launch date.

No great game has ever come to life without an even greater team behind it. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to our game development director, Nick!

Nick is a talented colleague of ours and has over 15 years’ experience in game development. He has spent 10 of those years creating and developing R&D prototypes for several industry-leading F2P MMO publishers, working closely with them, but left them to pursue his true passion, namely indie game development.

While the majority of Nick’s experience focused on project management and technical work, after going independent he discovered his enthusiasm for mechanics design, visuals and render pipelines (Something he will be glad for you to pester him about!).

Furthermore, Nick is no stranger to sci-fi as every single project he has worked on has been related to the genre. He grew up in a retired Lockheed Martin engineer’s workshop basement. So, it was inevitable that he should come to have ‘geeky’ interests and hobbies; from Warhammer 40,000 to RC rockets and aeronautics.

There was never any doubt, as he has remarked himself, that he would take to sci-fi like a duck to water.

As our game development director, Nick is responsible for building and leading the development team, server and client architecture and game system designs. He has taken our shared vision and forged it into an executable plan. He has built a team with which to execute this plan and is now executing it.

To continue the metaphor, he’s a talented and hardworking individual, the guillotine to the mundane axe.

We wanted to let him speak for himself and asked him what his vision for Mars4 is, and he gave us this answer:

“My vision for Mars4 is an immersive experience of survival and triumph. I want to be a part of crafting an experience that is fun for a single player fighting against the elements, all the way to tens of thousands working together in a thriving ecosystem. The important word there is “fun.” Crafting something genuinely fun is not easy, but I think it’s critical for true, lasting success. I want to put the players into a situation that is immersive yet threatening, and then give them a wide variety of tools to survive, each of which is genuinely fun to use.”

What to know more about Nick or the upcoming game? Mark the date, we have a live AMA with Nick at 14:00 (UTC) on Jan 20th on Twitch!

Still curious about the project and want to hear the news first? Join the conversation on Discord!

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