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I bet you dreamed about it in your childhood 👨‍🚀

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

When we were kids, a lot of us fantasized about going to space and becoming astronauts. And guess what? After all these years, you can now easily travel to Mars! Not only that, but you can own a piece of land there and become a Martian, isn’t that incredible?

How is this even possible?

Sounds crazy, I know. The Mars Metaverse project allows us to buy land plots with MARS$ tokens and own one-of-a-kind possession represented with NFTs. Mars4 is an interactive 3D world, where the total area of the Red Planet is divided into plots, each represented by a unique NFT. To possess one Mars NFT means owning 1 UNIQUE piece of land on the Red Planet.

Purchase your plot of land now, don’t wait, become a Martian today! Just imagine, while you explore the marvelous surroundings of the fourth planet, enjoy Mars experiences and simply own the land there, you are one step ahead already — just mint an NFT and hold on to it. Owning an NFT will add MARS$ (Mars dollars) to your wallet whenever a transaction occurs on MARS4 Metaverse. This is how you increase your earnings. Mars NFT is is an appealing investment option because tokens can be consumed to mint yield generating NFTs as well as the built-in token redistribution on transactions, incentives for holding tokens spent for in-world assets and resources.

Wait, did you say it’s possible to earn from that?

Exactly. You can generate revenue while enjoying your time on Mars and you can gradually increase your land holdings there.

And there’s a lot more to being a Martian. The metaverse is blurring the line between reality and virtuality. Mars Metaverse is an exploration game with a highly realistic experience that allows players to feel as if they are walking on their own land on The Red Planet.

Sounds fantastic. What’s more?

We invite you to join a group of like-minded people who share their crazy minds and spread ideas and advice. Learn from the experts, broaden your understanding of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and offer advice to other newly-created Martians who just purchased their Mars NFTs!

“OK, I’m curious, but how do I become one?”

Easy! Take the following steps:
  1. Go to our eCommerce site which leads to the Mars map.

  2. Explore the planet and use the map to select available land plots. You can explore the planet however you want: you can rotate it, zoom in and out, and by clicking on land, you can see its ID (for example, #30290). This ID will assist you in finding the exact spot in the future.

  3. Make your payment. When you buy Mars NFT, you will see the ID in your wallet.

  4. Get your property deed, which is a certificate that proves you own the land. You’ve become a Martian!

Why should I make a purchase right now?

There is a limited supply of these unique plots of land. The Mars4 project only has a total of 99.888 Mars NFTs. More than half of them are already sold!

Now is the time to grab your land and become one of the Martians yourself. Invest in yourself, your future, and the future of the entire universe! Help the universe to transform your plots so that Mars becomes the Solar System’s next habitable planet.

You nearly persuaded me. In any case, why should I go with Mars4?

The all-new metaverse Mars4 virtual reality platform enables users to create, experience, monetize, and earn passive income through a first of a kind revenue-generating Mars NFT.

The uniqueness of the Mars4 project was also noticed by the world’s most reliable media news. You can find out more about it on Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Cryptonews and DappRadar.

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