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Innovation in Crypto Space: 1st Yield generating NFT!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

A total of $8.9 billion was spent on space technology companies in only one year, in the year 2020. According to Morgan Stanley, this upward trend is expected to continue, with income from space projects reaching $1 trillion in revenue by 2040. With the help of Metaverses, the blockchain industry is reaping the rewards of investments in space initiatives. In this regard, Mars4 stands out as a particularly promising undertaking.

What is Mars4?

Decentraland and Axie Infinity’s gamification perfection were among the goals of Mars4’s creators. Lead engineers at Mars4 come from prominent businesses such as PWC and Salesforce.

Its creators have a great deal of expertise in creating metaverses. There are no other metaverses like Mars4. Using NASA data, the Mars4 project’s development team produced a highly realistic 3D topographical depiction of the Martian surface. You may conceive of it as Mars’ version of Google Earth’s 3D map from the year 2001.

As a result, those who possess the Mars4 NFT may use gamification capabilities to earn lucrative returns as they explore the fourth planet virtually. An investment in space exploration, aerospace and suborbital aerospace enterprises is made possible via the Mars4 Foundation’s initiative, Mars4.

Why Should I Own An NFT in Mars4?

The Mars4 mission is a remarkable achievement. You may explore the unique environment of this virtual world and even purchase a piece of land for yourself. The Mars4 dollars may be used to acquire one-of-a-kind locations on Mars. And, since there is a limited quantity of land on the virtual Mars, the price of land is bound to soar tremendously in the near future. There are only 99,888 units of land available for purchase, and most of which are being snapped up on a daily basis.

On Mars4, there is a finite number of 99.888 distinct land plots that are denoted by NFTs, with one NFT unit representing one distinct piece of land on the Red Planet. Each NFT covers an area of 1448 square kilometres. Land plots may be purchased using MARS4 Tokens, which are exclusively available to crypto investors, also with ETH, USDT and USDC. There is a starting quantity of 4billion MARS4 Dollars, of which one-third will be sent to mint the restricted number of NFT land plots.

Whenever a MARS4 Dollars transaction happens, two basic functions take place: the yield for NFT holders, the expansion of the liquidity pool.

The owners of MARS NFTs will also be rewarded with MARS4 at an increasing rate just for keeping units in their portfolio. It will be therefore inversely proportional to the number of transactions that will occur on the network in order to establish this connection. The greater the volume of transactions and the frequency with which they occur, the greater the number of rewards that will be awarded. This truly grabs the mind as to how lucrative becoming a Mars Landlord would be.

How Could Mars4 NFTs Generate Income?

To begin, let’s look at the fundamental economics premise of Supply and Demand (S&D). The scarcity of an asset is one of the most concerning aspects of any investment. As long as there remains a null asset cap, owners will have to pay more to take advantage of rising value. However, you won’t have to be concerned about it when you own a piece of the exclusive Mars4 NFT Land.

Furthermore, it is one of the booming NFT-based blockchain projects ever developed, therefore owning property on Mars4 stands to reason. You have a far better chance of making a huge profit as more and more individuals join the group.

Finally, you ought-to participate in Mars4 as an investment in the project since it offers up opportunities for passive income. Being the proud owner of virtual property and seeing its value soar is a wonderful experience. Suppose, however, that just by possessing the item, you are able to generate passive income.

In Conclusion

As more information about Mars’s mastery is gleaned via exploration, there will be an increase in demand for Mars-related NFTs. The Mars4 NFT is a unique example of an NFT that provides both evidence of ownership and the ability to generate passive revenue.

NFT yield generating techniques are a unique feature of the Mars4 project. Because of this, it’s a great way for content producers, people, and companies to earn money while they sleep.

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