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Mars4 Metaverse NFT Sale Raises Over $250K in a Day

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The World’s First Virtual Mars NFTs are selling rapidly

Mars4 is a multi-tiered project that combines NFTs, Crypto and an immersive survival game together that will provide a window to a virtual Mars and a broader range of investment opportunities via the world’s first revenue-generating NFT.

The sale of Mars4 NFTs raised over $250K in a day and saw land plots sell swiftly.

Mars4 NFTs represent geographically-exact plots of land across the face of Mars, created with data from NASA and other space agencies, to be fully realised in modern 3D graphics.

The community pool: giving back to NFT holders

The community pool is a tool for distributing revenue among the investors - NFTs holders. A portion of every transaction in the MARS4 ecosystem is sent to the pool. It increases the community pool, whether it's through a sale or an advertising contract. Landowners vote on whether or not the content should be distributed to Mars4 NFT holders. You can increase your income by having more NFTs.

Integrating Mars4 Tokens: A Virtual Economy

Mars4 will be integrating both the Mars4 Token and the Mars4 NFT Land into the upcoming survival game set on the red planet, bringing an entirely new aspect to the investment value of Mars4 NFTs and creating an NFT that can generate revenue for its holders.

Each NFT Land sold is a virtual location that the game is set in, allowing holders and players to make use of their own personal space on Mars. This Metaverse will feature survival and colonisation mechanics and reward landowners that build up thriving communities within their NFT land plots and provide returns in Mars4 Tokens for both player and investor.

In addition, the game will make use of the Mars4 Token as its core currency, building an entirely virtual economy that ties the Mars4 NFT to its own convertible token and allows player and investor to create real-world wealth on a virtual Mars.


Joining Mars4 now is a smart move as you will be able to generate more income - both from the game and passively from the community pool. As more than half of the land plots are already sold, do not wait to get your spot on Mars.

Join the Mars4 community on Discord or find more on Mars4.

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