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Mars4 Topography: The Same as on Real Mars from Macro Perspective

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As always, "You ask, we answer" is back with more facts about the upcoming game! Are you excited to know more? Read further!

Will the topography of an area be preserved?

Yes. This will be discussed in greater detail in a future development blog, but we will be using NASA’s surface data from Mars alongside a procedural 3D generation system called Houdini. The topography of your NFTs will be generally accurate from a macro perspective. For example, if there was a cliff, canyon or mountainous range on the plot, this will be rendered on your NFT land in-game. However, from a micro perspective, we cannot provide 100% accuracy. We do not know the exact shape of every rock on Mars after all.

We’ll be able to create lands which are accurate at a larger scale and in turn, this ensures that there is an element of uniqueness around each landowner’s NFTs.

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