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Multi-Award-Winning Creative Director Joins Mars4 Team

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As well as getting a simulated taste of life on Mars, players may take part in NFTs and P2Es that have been developed specifically for the Mars4 Metaverse. It’s as if they’ve stepped foot on Mars for the first time with the immersive experience provided by Mars4.

The Ethereum-based Mars4 Metaverse makes advantage of the platform’s lightning-fast transaction processing speeds. With a total supply of 4 billion tokens and a local currency of MARS4 dollars, the platform is ready to take on the world.

The Incredible Team Behind Mars4 is an NFT project that allows you to buy land in the Metaverse of the fourth planet, Mars, via the use of virtual currency. The project is one of the fastest-growing blockchain initiatives in the world, and it has developed at an astonishing rate. In any case, the team of incredible talents behind Mars4 would not have been able to achieve such a great level of success without the assistance and support of exceptional investors and partners.

We will be relocating our team members in the near future in order to produce the game that everyone has been waiting for — the Mars4 game.

Welcome Onboard to Vitalijus, The Multi-Award-Winning Creative Director

Vitalijus Zukas, the multi-award-winning creative director, had recently joined the Mars4 team to create the NFT game in the Metaverse. His expertise covers the design of Virtual Reality and Metaverse environments. In the video game and film sectors, Vitalijus had almost 20 years of experience. What is more, he is a dedicated enthusiast of science fiction and fantasy.

In addition to his work on multiple projects as a Creative Director and Producer, Vitalijus has received several awards for his work. The two most important are the Lumen Prize (2019) and La Biennale Di Venezia (2018) awarded for meditative VR animation, Trail of Angels. It invites the viewer to explore a mysterious afterlife world based on Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis’ paintings and music, observing and interacting with the surrounding during visually stunning day-night cycles.

With Vitalijus’s arrival, we could expect to see greater emphasis placed on creativity, including the creation of an atmosphere for the creative team to work in, as well as the oversight of ideas and initiatives. While in the department, he will be in charge of developing concepts for advertising or promotional campaigns, as well as the creative philosophy and output standard throughout the whole organisation.

Meet Vitalijus LIVE on Mars4 Discord

Meet with Vitalijus on Monday, December 20, 4 PM UTC on Mars4 Discord, ask everything you would like to know and win a share of $1000 MARS4 tokens. There are few ways that you can do that!

  • Let us know what you would like to hear by writing questions in the meet-mars4 channel on Mars4 Discord and Vitalijus will take these into account while introducing himself and the project!

  • Leave your questions in the comments under AMA tweet and tag 3 of your friends (10 winners will be drawn from this part).

  • Leave your questions about the VR movie, game concept or the game itself one hour before the AMA and 10 winners will be drawn from this part.


Why Mars4 NFT Is The Wave Of The Future

Purchase one-of-a-kind land plots on Mars and take on the role of a native Martian in Mars4’s virtual reality game. In any event, these one-of-a-kind parcels of land are in scarce supply, as is evident from the statistics. There are only a total of 99 888 plots available, and each day, clever individuals are purchasing one of these plots. Allow me to explain why you should sign up as one of our users and make your purchase for your future Mars house. The following are the reasons why owning a unique land plot on the fourth planet is the ideal investment opportunity, and why you should not delay:

The First NFT to Generate Revenue in the Universe

Having it will provide you the ability to own it, retain it for centuries, or sell it at the most advantageous moment. Keep in mind that the value of it is growing all the time! It is becoming more difficult to find suitable land to buy.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

In the future, MARS4 will be a decentralised autonomous organisation that will operate independently (DAO). The NFT owners would then be able to exercise influence over governance choices such as policy updates, auctions, and contract terms and conditions. Would you be interested in becoming a part of it?

Virtual Reality On Mars

Our next moves look to be in the right direction. We will provide our customers with a virtual reality platform that will enable them to explore and engage in the affairs of the MARS4 planet, bringing genuine gamification to space!

Foundation To Space Start-ups

We expect to be able to establish the Foundation in the near future, with the goal of funding prospective space start-ups at their pre-seed stage and assisting them in accelerating their progress. We anticipate great success in the NFT market, strong interest in our project, and an increasing number of Martians joining our cause.

Long-Term Investment

In your spare time, unrestricted exploration, friendships with like-minded Martians, and other benefits… Inquiring minds want to know more. When it comes to making money, there is no limit to what you may achieve.

Final Words

Mars4 is both the future and the present. And you are the forgemaster of your own destinies, as well. Bring your family and friends along on this fantastic voyage to feel satisfied and to be a part of the past, present, and future with Mars4!

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