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Why Does The NFT In Mars4 Have So Much Value In It?🧐

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

With the rise of cryptocurrency, everything is pointing to a future where human-to-human transactions are replaced by machine-to-machine exchanges. This future could be as close as 20 years from now, and it should certainly come as no surprise that it will bring with it a whole new set of problems to solve. Read this article and learn more about Mars NFTs and their future!

What is an NFT?

Items or assets that aren’t fungible are called non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT project Mars4 is unique because the players become owners of the land on the planet Mars. Mars4 is unlike anything you have seen before because it serves as both virtual land ownership and an investment vehicle. With Mars4, you can get a piece of Mars that you can explore in the game!

It is the first of its kind, which means there are no traditional methods of evaluating its value. A token is only as valuable as the utility it provides, and the highest utility players receive is by owning land on Mars, being a Martian.

How Does Mars4 Work?

Using NASA and other space agencies’ data, Mars4 is a Metaverse built on a 3D Virtual Mars that is geographically accurate. The Mars NTF project uniquely features the Mars4 NFTs that act as an ownership certificate for land on Mars, to be issued by the developer. The land is of finite quantity, which means there are only 99,888 pieces available. More than half of the Mars NFTs are already sold.

Also, Mars4 is powered by blockchain technology, providing players with a new way to invest in the future. The Mars4 NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain standard E.

Benefits of Owning An NFT Land on Mars4

An NFT collectible’s capacity to resell itself is one of the numerous perks of having it. As these projects become more and more popular, their value will increase exponentially. This alone makes them a very great asset to have in your collection. Another benefit is that they will never get lost or go missing because you own them on the blockchain.

With Mars4, you can be sure that your land on Mars is always safe and, at the same time, you’re getting actual value from it. The uniqueness of Mars4 is that you can increase your Mars NFT land value just by owning a piece of the virtual planet. You will be earning Mars4 dollars from the community pool.

The community pool is a tool used to distribute revenue to investors - all NFT holders. As a landowner, you can open up the community pool distributing all of its content to NFT holders. The more NFTs you have, the more you earn!

Reason To Be Involved in Mars4

· The chance to be a real-life John Carter and own land on Mars!

· The chance to be part of an exciting new development in the field of gaming and entertainment.

· The chance to gain financial benefits by purchasing Mars4 NFTs now and selling them.

· The chance to be part of a ground-breaking new market, and to gain massive profits by investing in MARS4 dollars and Mars NFTs.

· The chance to earn additional revenue by taking part in the game.

· The chance to earn from Mars4 passively through the community pool.

And Many More!

Mars4 is one of the fastest-growing blockchain projects in the world. Its Mars NFT lands are being sold at an incredible rate. A fixed supply of 99,888 available for sale on Mars4 is more than 50% sold to different individuals.

Now that Mars4 has been released, Mars colonisation and becoming a true Martian is closer than ever.

Mars4 is the next big thing in the blockchain business, as we can see from the above.

If you are ready to make a purchase, click here.

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