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Will Mars4 NFT Increase In Value?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As some of you might know, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are virtual collectibles that exist on the blockchain. If you’re a fan of virtual reality and metaverses, you have probably heard about the Mars4 NFT metaverse project.

This article gives an overview of the project and what it means for investors, including how many Mars NFTs have been sold and whether or not we can expect to see increased value in the future.

The Best Investment Method for Investors

The first thing to keep in mind is that the price of NFTs will change over time. The NFT price can change dramatically and their holders are aware of that - that is, in fact, the reason why many people invest their funds in NFTs.

NFTs' values depend on their demand. The more people want them, the higher their price. This is where Mars4 NFT presents its best investment opportunity as the Mars4 project team has a plan on how to make these NFTs high-demand products.

Reasons why Mars4 land plot prices should rise

There are three reasons why Mars land plot prices should increase:

  1. Mars land NFTs will be used in the Mars4 game. Players will be able to explore their land plot, gather resources from it and even earn money in return. The main aim of the project is to create a fun and interactive Metaverse where land plot NFTs are real estate used for building various constructions on it, including stations, offices, galleries and such.

  1. Earning from Mars4 NFTs will be possible passively too: holding the NFT will generate yield for you. This is possible because of the community pool, a tool used to distribute funds to NFT holders.

How does the community pool work? It simply collects a part of Mars4 revenue and puts it aside for the community. All landowners will have an option to vote and distribute the funds. How much you will be getting from the pool is determined by your productivity score which correlates with your investment in Mars4. That way the biggest investors will earn the most from the community pool.

  1. Since Mars NFTs have a limited supply (99,888 units), their value will be increasing because of the scarcity principle. Mars4 has always growing community proving that soon there will not be enough land plots for the demand. More than half of the lands are already sold! This is what increases the prices of real estate as well.

But how will Mars4 attract people?

The biggest attraction to the Mars4 project is, undeniably, the game. If you are a landowner, you can already try out the game demo which allows players to learn the basic mechanics and build their very first station on Mars. The game demo was released to collect the feedback of the players and thus bring the game to perfection. Since Mars4 aims to be a DAO in the future, community feedback is an essential tool for growth and improvements.

After the final game launch, all players will have the means to profit from playing. It will be free to start playing as every new player will acquire 1 colonist. On the other hand, players who own Mars NFT land will be able to benefit from the game quicker and much more. For example, all landowners will collect fees for transactions made on their land. Not only that, Mars NFT holders will be able to rent out their land to land managers who will cultivate their land for them. This, of course, grant the NFT owner passive income as they will not even need to play the game to earn from it.

Players will be aiming to generate enough income to purchase land plots for themselves as it will maximize the earnings, as well as it will allow earning passively. This increases the demand for Mars NFTs.

This is what an NFT is: a digital asset with inherent value that can be held or bought in the same way that a stock can… but with far more advantages.


Generally speaking, the value of Mars NFTs will be increasing due to the utility integrated into them. Mars4 project aims to create a fun and profitable game that will allow players to earn money simply from playing the game. This tactic is a great way to increase the value of the NFT as the NFT is benefiting its owner. That way the demand for the asset is increased. The game will allow players to earn from actively playing the game, but NFT holders will be able to earn just by holding their assets as various sources of passive income are incorporated in Mars NFTs.

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